Norhill image courtesy of Zillow

image courtesy of Zillow

Norhill is a subdivision of the Houston Heights Area that also includes East Norhill and North Norhill. Norhill was developed by William and Michael Hogg in 1920 in northwest central Houston. It is bordered by Houston Heights and Woodland Heights. The community’s name stems from the neighborhood’s location in relation to the Houston Business District in 1920. At the time, Norhill was to the north and higher in elevation than the Houston Business District. Norhill is best known for its bungalow style homes. Many different types of bungalows can be found in the neighborhood. Those include Colonial, Spanish, Hipped, English and Craftsman style bungalows. These houses can be recognized by their low-pitched roofs, simple designs and trademark porches anchored by brick pillars and tapered wood columns. The preservation of these bungalows, along with the neighborhood’s tree-lined, grassy esplanades continue to attract people to the area.