North Norhill image courtesy of HARimage courtesy of HAR

North Norhill is a subdivision of the Norhill Historic District. North Norhill, along with East Norhill make up the neighborhood of Norhill. Development of North Norhill began midway through 1923. North Norhill was developed under the guidelines of certain deed restrictions. The restrictions provided that no garage could be used for living quarters, no house built could cost less than three times the lot, and the distance from the front property line was governed. Because of this, the neighborhood had a very structured design and cohesive look. The majority of houses constructed in the neighborhood were of the bungalow style. Some suburban cottage style houses were built as well as this replaced the bungalow as the prevalent housing style in the mid 1920s. North Norhill’s classification as a historic district has kept the neighborhood’s classic architecture and consistent design intact. This is a major reason the neighborhood holds great appeal to families and young professionals alike.